Friday, July 26, 2013

Dwarf Bunnies for Adoption

Looking for good homes for my dwarf bunnies. They are litter-box trained and very easy to care for. Usually cost about $10 per month for pellets. Here are some pictures. They are very small, about 1 year's old and are fully grown. Please spread the word & help find good homes for my bunnies, thanks.

Phone: 917-501-8982
Adoption Fee: $20.00 & 3 character references

Please email me your interest regarding which bunny and who the bunny is for. If you have a pet now or before. If you need help & advice taking care of my bunny once you adopted. Please introduce yourself & I will match which bunny has the right personality for you. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FOUND!!! Missing Kitty Papa

Missing Kitty Papa went back home on July 12, 2013 around 2am in the morning. I am very happy to hear the news from Ohn. It is so great to have great news like this!!! I hope Papa will stay home and be a good kitty...and pick up knitting habits instead of traveling around the world:D

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing Kitty Papa - Reward $300

Our Papa has been lost since Friday (June 28th). We are at Bay 16th and New Utrentch, Brooklyn NY 11214. He's been spotted around this area on Friday evening (the 28th) and Saturday (the 29th). I know he's around but it's very hard to catch him.

He is about one year old. Mostly white with gray stripes on the back. Long body and long legs. Big pointy ears and green eyes. He doesn't have any collar. He's beautiful and very clean. You will notice he's not a stray-cat if you see him. He's very scared of strangers to begin with and he runs as soon as we approach him. He's been fixed and has taken all the shots. He still has his claws, but he's not aggressive. He has a distinctive voice - almost sound like a bird rather than a cat.

We are rewarding $300 for anyone who can catch him for us. I know he's still hanging out around Bay 16th street and usually comes out for food around 9pm. Please please help us catch our Papa because we cannot loose him. Thank you so much for your time!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heavenly Bunny Dinner

As I was too full to do the midnight snack last night. I decided to do a post of what I have for dinner tonight and show my friend TO why I love my china:D

Chicken Kimchi Rice Cakes
Add Egg, Mushrooms, Parsley,Chicken and whatever lol!
Strawberry & Cherries are after dinner snack.